Common Dental Procedure

Common Dental Procedure

Coming from years of experience and dedication, Vardhaman Dental Hospital has varied dental procedures and treatments to offer. 

Being responsible dental professionals, we have always strived to provide the utmost clarity and treatment information to our patients. Taking it a step ahead, we want to brief our readers about the nitty-gritty of dentistry, leaving no questions unresolved.

To begin with, we have the most commonly performed dental procedures.

  • Teeth ScalingDue to the presence of microbes and questionable eating habits, teeth climb up the ladder from plaque buildup to stubborn tartar formation. Only thorough cleaning of the tooth and little root surfaces (in case exposed) can remove the debris and provide spotless teeth surfaces.

    When clubbed with polishing, it brings out smooth and shiny tooth enamel. For general oral health, teeth scaling and polishing comes as the prime preventive treatment advised a minimum of twice a year.

  • Teeth Fillings – In the presence of brownish/ black, degrading, brittle or hollow tooth surfaces, it is certain cavities have created a home on the teeth. Sadly, the destroyed area cannot regrow itself through medicines or treatment. 

    However, the degraded area can be artificially restored using varied filling materials like amalgam (silver filling), gold, cement (white coloured) and composite (tooth coloured) materials. These materials can fill, build broken walls of the tooth and provide support from the core.

  • Root canal treatment

    When microbes from the cavity seep deeper into the roots of the tooth, damaging the entire tooth from within, root canal treatment is assumed. Thin files (twisted instruments made up of stainless steel or nickel-titanium) are used to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canals of the tooth, eventually placing sturdy filling material inside the tooth to conserve the maximum possible natural tooth structure.

    Root canal treatment involves removal of the decayed matter, drying up of pus (if any) and consequently filling the root and a crown portion to avoid reinfection.
  • Crown and Bridge – In case of a broken, chipped or root canal treated tooth, there is an absence of strength in the tooth to survive in the mouth with filling alone. 

    The next best thing to provide strength, restore the shape and colour of a damaged tooth is placing an artificial crown or a bridge over it. The natural tooth portion is trimmed systematically to create space for a thin layered crown to fit onto it. These crowns can be made of metal, ceramic (tooth coloured) or a hybrid of metal-ceramic that simulates the natural tooth shape, colour and strength at ease.

  • Extraction – Ages ago, extraction had been the sole treatment for dental issues whatsoever. With advancements in dental practice, extraction has only evolved but never faded away. 

    Removal of a completely erupted partially erupted or completely embedded tooth due to decay, broken crown structure or space issues majorly is extraction. Surgical removal involves some amount of bone removal and suture placement. The socket left behind needs proper care for quick healing and smooth bone formation.

  • Dentures – Due to trauma, bone loss or progressing age, partial or complete loss of teeth can be seen. This state not just affects the diet, health, speech of a patient but overall quality of life. 

    Especially among geriatrics, nutrition is one of the major routes to healthy, long-living. Dentures are one such treatment where removable artificial teeth can be placed customising it to the patient’s jaw size and depth. Complete or partial dentures simulate the entire chewing force, speech process with a little cleaning and maintenance.

  • Night Guards and Anti Snoring Appliance – In cases of teeth grinding or clenching during the night, a person undergoes a lot of jaw pain and soreness. Clenching in the night causes disturbed sleep and leads to attrition in teeth. 

    However, with customised teeth shaped trays made of a soft, shock-resistant material, the bite of the person is restricted therefore avoiding clenching of any kind. Sleep apnea is another problem that creates disturbed breathing in sleep causing the person to wake up several times in the middle of the night or snore.

    Anti-snoring appliances help in relieving the obstruction caused due to improper bite, tongue placement unconsciously during the night. Such appliances work like wonders to people going through major stress and other dental problems.

  • Sport guard – While sports guards are famously demanded by teenagers and youngsters, they are not forbidden for adults. Sports guards work on similar lines as a nightguard.

    Here, the upper and lower teeth are restricted from coming into contact. Thereby, reducing the impact of pressure, clenching or any injury to the teeth directly.