Dental Implants

Dental Implants: Painless Way Forward to Dentistry

Full Mouth Dental Implant In Jaipur

Dental implants are the most happening tooth substitutes to fall back on. Most people don’t know how titanium in the implants naturally binds with our bone as strongly as another bony counterpart. An implant-supported crown or denture is the dentist recommended the best way to replace the teeth lost.

We specialise in dental implants of various manufacturers with all kinds of surgical advancements.

  • Single tooth implant –  Losing a tooth can happen at any age due to negligence, trauma, injury or some infection. While the lost tooth can never be retrieved, a reliable substitute will always work as good and safe as a natural one. And how is that? With a single missing tooth, space can be filled with an implant. 
  • Multiple implants supported bridge –  When lost most of the teeth in your jaws, what is the next best solution? Of course, as you know implants should be your first choice of treatment. Although, this will work differently. Multiple implants are placed in a single jaw, replacing the missing teeth followed by the place of a long chain of crowns commonly known as a bridge over the implants.
  • Full arch implant supported prosthesisWhen an entire jaw has no teeth, it can be difficult to imagine chewing your food. Worried about your parents’ health because of missing teeth? Well, your answer is right here. Either 4, 6 or a preferable number of implants are placed in case of fully missing teeth in a jaw. This is again supported by a bridge by placing it over the implants to enjoy food just like life before!
  • Implant supported overdentureSomething sounding so technical can make your life so easy! It’s hard to imagine how dental advancements have reached the point that you can not just replace lost teeth but transform your entire appearance with artificial gums that come with the denture. For elderly people comfortable with dentures but do not find the time and energy to keep placing them in and out all day, well that’s where overdentures step in!
  • Dental implants in less bone case – When you feel the bone levels of a jaw decreasing rapidly. It is a questionable state for your health, nutrition and wellbeing. In lesser bones cases, implants help the most in keeping intact the remaining amount of bone and could also help with increasing those levels in some ways.  
    • Bone grafting and soft tissue –  At times you not just lose your teeth but also your bone along with it. Did you delay your dental appointment way too much? Now pay the price with difficulty in chewing and speech. You’re wrong. As much as a regular dental visit is vital, damage control is in place if you’ve missed them. Using artificial substances, it is easy to regenerate bone and tissue to natural levels for easy dental treatments further.
    • Sinus lift –  Require more space for the bone to grow and implant to be placed in a snuggly fit manner? Yes, an indirect and direct sinus lift is the key to it. These terms might scare you but easy surgical procedures using maxillary sinus in place can help your dental wellness go a long way.
    • Ridge split or alveolar bone spreading – At times the higher most point of the jaw is split into halves to incorporate space for healthy implant placements. Here you don’t have to remove any bone to adjust the implant and get it placed with an expanded space which was there by default.
    • All on 4 Implant placement – On an entirely toothless jaw, 4 implants are placed with technique, tilt at perfect bone depth and width to fit the artificial teeth above it. Be it one implant or 4, the kind of stability it provides is pathbreaking.
  • 3d CBCT guided implant placement (digital implants) – As digitisation has ingrained our entire lives, dentistry has not been left behind. CBCT is an advanced method of 3D X-ray to understand everything in and out the bone. Using this CBCT, implants can be guided into the bone using a template formed through the digital framework.  These implants align at the same place with a precise understanding of a machine.
  • Other modalities in dental implantsThere are multiple modalities in dental implants like that preserving a socket or placing an implant deep in the jaw or differently. Some of them are so on – 
    • BASAL implantThe lowermost, deepest and most mineralised thick part of the lower jaw is the basal bone. Any implant engaged in this region of the bone is called a basal implant. The advantage of basal implants is the lesser consumed time and quicker delivery of final artificial teeth at ease.
    • PTERYGOID implantsThis comes as a speciality of implants in the upper jaw. The Pterygoid is a space that helps accommodating implants at intricate positions in case of an atrophic upper jaw. When the upper jaw is healthy enough to handle the implants this technique is not required. The USP of this technique is the complete immediate placement possible.
    • ZYGOMATIC implants –  Zygomatic implants are a deeper version of pterygoid implants extending into the zygoma (behind the cheekbone) area of the face for stronger grip and stability. Such ways are again integrated into the case of the atrophic upper jaw and when bone regeneration is a step not possible or recommended.
  • Treatment of implant complication – Implants are one of the best solutions to missing teeth available all across the world. However, complications are inevitable in any healthcare modality but we aim to bring out the best through obstacles. 
    • Peri Implantitis Management –  Peri-implantitis is a major swelling, pain, bleeding around the implant or having a loose/ fallen implant. Yet, there are easy mechanisms to combat such complications that are patient health and case-specific. 
    • Bone grafting and GBRBone grafting sounds coherent to skin grafting on certain levels. As you see, it is just not the same. Various substances are placed within the bone with or without mesh (biocompatible) to reinforce bone growth within the jaw. It not just regains bone health but improves the prognosis of the treatment.
    • Soft tissue grafting – While our major focus is always the teeth, why leave the smile behind? Soft tissue grafting is an easy procedure to bring the level of the gum line back to normal. It strengthens the bone by protecting it and at the same time makes your gum game strong!
    • Implant removal and replacementIn case of an advanced stage infection or implant failure, we go ahead with implant removal completely and letting the drilled site healed or replaced by a fresh one. Just because the first implant placement does not turn out to be successful, it has nothing to do with the success rate of the next implant placement if taken care of properly.
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