Kids Treatment

Kids Dentistry In Jaipur

  • Filling – Tooth cavities or tooth decay is one of the most commonly found oral problems among kids. Most parents ignore it at an early stage which leads to loss or treatment of teeth in middle age becoming more common. Easy dental fillings using glass ionomer cement or contemporary tooth coloured materials save the tooth for the kid from major damage.


  • Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy – Just like with adults, when the infection reaches the bottommost part of the tooth, these procedures are advised. They nothing but the kid version of a root canal treatment. Using a few agents, the tooth can be saved at a young age.


  • Crowns – Post pulpotomy or pulpectomy, the crown is inevitable in a tooth. Different crowns like an anterior strip crown and many more can be designed and manufactured for a kid specifically meeting their requirements.


  • Extraction and space-maintainers – A lot of times an extra tooth or an over-retained milk tooth ruins the balance of the occlusion in our mouth. In most cases, much before the application of braces, we prefer going ahead with extracting the concerned tooth. This extraction creates space for the remaining to take their designated place and enhance the bite of a person. Space maintainers are devices that hold the space created by a fallen baby tooth up until the permanent tooth erupts in its place.


  • Habit breaking appliances – Prolonged thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, nail/ lip/ pencil biting, mouth breathing, teeth grinding and clenching are some of the most harmful oral habits among children today. The good news is – all these habits can be broken using different devices so that changes in the teeth alignment, eruption and occlusion can be avoided.


  • Fluoride application & pit and fissure sealing – Why wait for the treatment when you can avoid the reason itself? Fluorides, on one hand, help to strengthen enamel and pit and fissure sealants on the other hand help with filling the deep grooves in the back teeth of a child to keep food lodgement at bay. Further, avoiding the entire dental cavity problem well in advance.


  • Interceptive orthodontics – Again, before reaching the stage of braces you can intervene in the process of baby teeth falling and permanent growing with the help of a dental expert. Interceptive orthodontics, as the name suggests intervenes in the entire process of eruption, growth and placement of the teeth beforehand to avoid further curative procedures.