Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeover In Jaipur

 A complete smile makeover is not just teeth cleaning and whitening. A detailed enhancement of your smile can make you shine wherever you go.

  • Teeth whitening – Simple shade lighting procedures to shinier teeth using bleach and chemicals safe for our mouth, if used by an expert.
  • Composite build-ups – This is a tooth coloured material that is strong enough to tackle biting forces of various kinds. Using this material, the tooth out layer is covered to bring back the smile you once had.
  • Veneers – For misalignments that require immediate attention with very little time to wait for results, veneers are your answer. Veneers are thinly layered and stuck onto the tooth surface using cement or such substances that keep them adhere to it.
  • Braces n aligners – These are the methods to work around spaced, crooked, overlapping teeth that make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene, speak and chew properly.  Using wires and brackets, you can get your teeth aligned into a picture-perfect smile. Although the procedure might take about a year to produce outcomes it is lifelong and healthiest for your teeth.
  • Tooth jewellery – Well, jewellery is not just your neckpieces, rings and earrings. It is now beyond that. You can easily dazzle into the world with dental jewellery in place. Stand out from the rest by getting a stone or a diamond or pictures pasted to your teeth and sparkle every time your teeth show.
  • Cosmetic recontouring – Recontouring gums according to the ideal teeth size and shape for a perfect smile is easy now. Not only can this help the gum line and its appearance but also its health.
  • Gum grafting – When gums start leaving their place and recede to a level that exposes the roots of your tooth causing sensitivity and cavities, the ideal way forward is gum grafting. Easy graft placement can give your gum repair a huge jump at once and the gum line follows its natural path quite easily.