Laser Dentistry In Jaipur

Lasers are now used to treat a number of different dental conditions making dental treatments more efficient and comfortable. 

Benefits of using laser dentistry over other methods

  • No sutures/ incisions required
  • Minimum or no bleeding, instead the laser promotes blood clotting
  • Fewer chances of bacterial infections because the laser sterilises the area
  • Quick healing
  • Controlled damage to the surrounding tissues

Common procedures include:

  • Laser assisted Root canal – Laser assisted root canal is one of the latest advancements in dental treatment. How is it different from the manual one? Well, first of all, the laser helps the dying-out process of microbes better than any other method available. Secondly, it reduces the time and effort of the specialist by reducing the number of visits and trauma a patient has to go through significantly.
  • Tooth desensitization – Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common problems occurring in today’s time. With spoilt dietary habits and increased use of refined sugars, the enamel level degrading is increased multifold. Desensitisation is a simple process conducted to rejuvenate your enamel strength and initiate the way to repair. This when paired with lasers can give out of the world results and you can bid adieu to those cumbersome sensitivity pains and regimens.
  • Laser frenectomy – Laser guided frenectomy is one of those procedures that may not seem too big a deal but for the one suffering it comes as a boon. A frenum is nothing but tissue folds holding two other tissue surfaces together like that between the upper lip and the upper jaw or that between the cheek and the gums over back teeth. At times this frenum is attached a little higher than it’s supposed to be in the mouth. This causes trouble in daily oral functions. With a laser, the frenum can be altered in an easy painless manner.
  • Removing soft tissue folds and benign tumours – Just as the frenectomy, laser help diluting the tissue presence between soft tissues or non-cancerous tumours to some extent. Tumours again are nothing but an accumulation of tissues that can be resected out of the site with precision and care.
  • TMJ pain treatment – Temporo-mandibular joint is the joint that holds the lower jaw to the entire face. The movement of our lower jaw during speech or chewing, all comes from this joint present right in front of the ear. Clicking sound, shifting place or pain and infection in this joint can make simple functions like speaking and eating impossible and we can take care of it with various techniques at hand.
  • Nerve regeneration – Nerve regeneration is a high-end development in the dental field. Again, lasers can be of huge help in this. In case of a feeling of any numbness, tingling inside the mouth, anywhere on the mucosa or tongue or otherwise, it is highly recommended to see a dentist and get the treatment started.
  • Canker sore treatment – Canker sores are also very commonly seen dental problems, especially among Indians. Due to the spices and deleterious oral habits prevalent in India like tobacco chewing, mouth ulcers occur more often than not. These ulcers when aggravate and turn into deep sores can still be treated efficiently.
  • Gum shaping – Gum shaping is another new aspect that has seen ever-increasing interest among people. Do you relate to a gummy smile? Do your gums peek into your pictures when smiling? Yes, it is unusual and can be treated with simple techniques.
  • Gum depigmentation – The fad around pink gums has remained for a very long time. Indians in specific have naturally greyish pink gums. This shade could get darker with the level of pigmentation in the gums of a person. Yet, you don’t have to wish for pink gums, they are very much possible by removing the melanin accumulation within them.
  • Teeth whitening Teeth whitening has seen an increase among dental patients in the past 2 decades. More than half of orthodontic patients opt for whitening once done. Whitening can bring down the shade of your teeth to 6-8 times lighter and has very minimal side effects. Application of gels preserving gum health gives you a sparkling shiny smile. 
  • LANAP – If you believe in giving second chances to your mouth, this is your go-to procedure. Instead of removing a part, LANAP works on regenerating it. It regrows the gum and bone levels bringing it back to a healthy state.